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Grain Silo

Short Description:

Silo project in Africa  #hongdefa offers wide variety of #steelsilo.The assembly steel #silo is made of high quality hot-galvanized steel plates which are rolled into corrugation and made into standard connecting holes.
These plates are connected by high-strength screw bolts. which makes the #silo plates bear average stress.
#wheatsilo #grainsilo #maizesilo

  • capacity : 500t-5000t
  • material: galvanized sheet/steel
  • raw material: maize/wheat
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    Galvanized maize wheat silo high quality grain silo
    Parts of Grain Silo:

    1. Pre-cleaning system.
    2. Drying system.
    3. Level monitor, temperature controller, ventilation system.
    4. Silo body including silo roof, silo body, silo bottom and other quxiliary.

    Advantages  Grain Silo:
    1.Good quality: grain silo material is double side galvanized steel, and all steel silo parts are manufactured in a factory, so the quality can be totally controlled.
    2.Good air-tightness
    3.All set auxiliar: temperature controller , DCS controller, level indicator, loading and discharging system.
    4.Excellent stability
    5.long-life time: 30 years working time.
    6.Silo diameter: from 3m to 25m.

    technical feature.​

    material of the silos steel support inner, hot-galvanized sheet as the wall
    bottom  steel cone bottom, plat cement bottom
    capacity arrange  from 100tons to 10000tons

    Grain silo with capacity of 100-10000tons in such different discharge forms as flat bottom, cone bottom, fluidized discharging, multi-outlet discharging, and undertake turnkey project starting from process and civil work design, auto-control system as well as manufacture, installation, commissing of the associated equipment for lifting, cleaning, magnetic separating, metering, drying, fumigating, cold storing, ventilation, dust collecting, temperature and moisture measuring up to personal training and so on.


    The history of steel silo

    People use steel silo for storage grain began from 1930, in the first stage, the steel silo is riveting type, with 6-10 mm steel plate riveted, it is very stong.

    In the second stage, the steel silo is welded type. People use 4-10mm thickness's steel plate to make the silo. Welding silo has a good air tightness, strength, and can be high altitude. But it also has some disadvantages, such as surface anti-corrision ability is poor, expensive steel consumption, higher maintenance cost.

    In the third stage, the steel silo is thin-wall type. In normally, there are two models: prefabricated corrugated steel silo and screw steel silo. In the middle of 19th century, in order to meet the needs of bulk grain transportation, the thin-wall steel silo is widely used. This silo has many features, such as light weight, easy installation, cheap price, high mechanization and automation, high efficiency, etc. Especially since 1970s, after production by standard materials, it has large-scale development. Especially Suiry Silo, we use galvanized inside vertical reinforce, it increases the anti-corrosion, rust resistance, longer life-span of the steel slio, its economical and pratical recognition in the industry.

    The steel silo can be widely used in flour, feed, fats, alcohol, rice, corn, biomass power generation, ports, repository, and design institute.

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